Band School
About the Band School

In Aug. 1996 an advertising campaign invited members of the community of all ages to to join the new Pembroke Legion Band School. The chance to learn to play or to refresh memories of earlier playing brought people out to enjoy the fun.

The Band School has been performing by itself and jointly with the Legion Band since the Christmas Concert in 1996. Since then they have joined the Band in performing for the Christmas Concert in 1997, the Spring Concerts in 1997 and 1998, the Openning Ceremonies of the Summer Sounds Music Series at the Pembroke Marina in 1997, and at one of the earlier concerts at the same venue for 1998.

Since then the Band School has been introducing students and adults to various instruments, and has been re-aquainting others with the skills they once had.

How to Join

Learning to play an instrument is a rewarding experience. No previous experience is necessary to join the band school. Please call Gordon at 732-4606 for more information.

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